Email Plans

Deciding on a reliable email hosting provider is one of the most important choices you can make when it comes to the success your online business.

This brand of service with The Hosting Experience can be an great option for companies trying to gain new customers. No business owner could disregard the importance of email hosting considering the large number of people who send email on a daily basis.


Mail hosting is another form of web hosting email that provides premium email services for organizations and companies, featuring advanced options that free email providers do not offer. The Hosting Experience offers the best of both worlds.

Email web hosting with The Hosting Experience offers exclusive services at a low rate, while free email platforms are available at no cost since all expenses are covered by the income generated from advertising companies.

When offering web email hosting, we strive to maintain the reliability of the servers on which the email accounts of our customers are stored.

You can choose from personal account email hosting, email hosting for business accounts, or group email hosting.

Some of the mail hosting plans with The Hosting Experience include IMAP email hosting, email forwarding options, auto-responders junk e-mail filters, anti-virus scanning, backscatter prevention, choice of IMAP name space, security features, auto listing replies, remote box polls, and unlimited email addresses.

Call us today to discuss what solution works best for you, and don’t hesitate to ask for a free trial and test our email hosting services.