The web hosting support team at The Hosting Experience prides itself on being fast, knowledgeable and 100% based here in the United States.

When you send us a support query, we are here 24 hours a day to investigate the problem, find the best solution, and make sure it works.

Once we finish investigating, we’ll send you a quick response detailing the issue and how to fix it.




In addition to the customer support team at the Hosting Experience, we also have an extensive database covering all the most common queries and issues enabling our customers to find a solution as quickly as possible.

We have hundreds of answers to even the most complex problems and our support database is updated daily.

We deal in minutes not hours or days, so you can always expect prompt service from the capable staff at The Hosting Experience

We always respond to any support query as quickly as possible, often within minutes of the initial request.

But this doesn’t mean a thing if our response is incorrect or unclear, so to make sure we are as focused on quality as we are speed, we invite you to rate us after each communication we have with you.